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Lecture "How to choose a haircut"

For 14 years, I have been gathering and refining knowledge to share with you the secrets of creating perfect haircuts. In this exclusive video course, you will discover the intricacies of length selection, line creation, and crafting the most suitable haircuts for each of your clients.

Total lessons: 1


Disconnection is a tool without which you cannot create modern haircuts.

Total lessons: 7

All about curly hair

Correctly chosen haircuts for curly hair accentuate the unique texture of this hair type.

Total lessons: 5

How to hold scissors

In this video tutorial, I will show you holding scissors in different ways and explain what each does and how each affects the process.

Total lessons: 1

ABC of the hairdresser

This video describes the basic principles and concepts of the work of competent hairdressers around the world. 

Total lessons: 1

Maksim Nikitochkin

Maksim is a practicing stylist and teacher with more than 16 years of experience. In 2015, he was the first who create a completely new accelerated video training format with easily understood schemes of haircuts on the YouTube platform.

The main approach to teaching is not just repeating actions after the teacher but in the development of a deep understanding of the technique from the master. This enables masters to independently apply learned combinations of various techniques in the future, starting from the needs of the client and client’s type of appearance.

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To become a professional and master the art of hairdressing, you need to go through quite a long training. It is important for every master to constantly develop, but first of all, you need to study the basic skills and the theory. Only after that, you can move on to the technical part.

Elite hairdressers earn good money, but the reason for the popularity of this profession is quite different. A hairdresser is a person of art, who creates and makes real masterpieces, makes people beautiful, and gives them a good mood.

This profession today is very much in demand, so it is not surprising that there are a large number of different training courses. After training, you can learn how to create stylish and fashionable haircuts for women and men. You can learn the geometry of haircuts and a combination of shapes, the basics of coloring, and work with curly hair.

How to choose a hairdressing course?

The course is for those who have had a basic offline hairdressing education (basics and theory) and have the necessary knowledge and skills. The price of the course is quite affordable, and the training can be divided into several days or you can study all the lessons at once. It all depends on the desire to learn something new and the amount of free time.

After the training, you will not only know how to pick up styling, considering the current trends, to highlight the advantages and play up the disadvantages but also choose the right tools for work (for example, scissors, a trimmer, or a stylish set of accessories with a magnet).

If you want to improve your qualification, then you definitely should register for a hairdressing training course. Because of the large variety of classes, it is quite difficult to make the right choice. Today there are a lot of them at different educational complexes, universities, technical colleges, and hairdressing salons.

You can practice skills on models or friends. The practice is the most important thing. You need to know all the nuances of customer service and follow the latest fashion trends.

A comfortable form of training, as one Basic course has 10 lessons, lasting 10-20 minutes each. And the Disconnection course includes teaching 6 haircuts and a lecture. Each lesson includes a combination of geometric shapes. Haircuts using the disconnection tool require great technique and skill. The cost of the course depends on the length of the course.

Sign up for courses in advance, there are always many people who want to study the art of hairdressing. Maksim Nikitochkin's seminars deserve special attention.

What are the advantages of courses?

It is mandatory to take a basic training course In this course, both professional master and beginner can learn a lot of interesting and useful information. Studying different types of haircuts (male and female). Mastering techniques and methods of work, the rules of customer service, how to properly make cuts. But it is necessary to practice the received knowledge on the models.

Not only knowledge is important, but also practice. This will help you become a real professional in your business or improve your qualification. Maksim Nikitochkin has a very interesting course in which Disconnection is studied. This is a unique tool that allows you to correctly combine several disconnected zones in one haircut (you make cuts of different lengths using scissors).

You can sign up for an online course now at any convenient time.

Why is it better to be trained by us?

The feature of our training is a correctly structured presentation of information. We always keep track of the latest fashion trends, which we also share with our students. After completing our training course, you will know not only how to choose the right styling, but also how to make complicated and fashionable haircuts.

The cost of training is quite democratic. Our website has all the information you need, including a detailed description of the courses. Once you're trained with us, you'll be able to perform haircuts of any difficulty and get a job in a high-class salon.