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Course Description

In the hairdressing community, it is a challenge to cut and create a hairstyle with curls.

Curls require from the stylist not only the skills and techniques of a haircut but also the ability to feel the curl, to predict the behavior of curled hair strands. Properly chosen curly haircuts emphasize the unique texture of this hair type. Allow clients to style their curls at home in an easier and faster way. Such skills and knowledge are acquired by a specialist only with experience.

Often, for quality work with curls, it is necessary to use different techniques of haircuts. Because, on the one side it is preferable to accentuate the curls, on the other - to create a haircut shape that will emphasize the facial nuances and correspond to the entire image of the client.

When choosing a haircut technique for curly hair, you need to consider the type of curl. They can form into light S-waves, elastic waves, textured spirals, or fine springs.

Also, it is taken into account the type of hair: thin, soft, thick, stiff, dry or normal, frizzy or not.

A combination of basic shapes and the Disconnection helps when cutting curly hair. The Disconnection tool is in line with current fashion trends and guarantees adaptation to the client's wishes. This is especially true for curly hair. Disconnection means the presence of zones of different lengths in the hairstyle, between which there is no connection. It shifts volumes in the hair, transforms textures, and gives new life to old-fashioned styles.

About Education

The material you study is to be presented in five practical lessons. They include basic shapes, plus disconnection, plus - the features for curls. Round, square, and triangle are key geometry shapes that will have a place in all lessons.

Creating haircuts using disconnection is possible with good stylist technique, a certain degree of skill, and an understanding of geometry. This is why this tool will be the focus of the course.

Who can study the course:

  • hairdressers who have completed the Basic course and the Disconnection course;
  • developing masters who are looking to learn new techniques and methods;
  • those who are want to learn haircuts on curly hair;
  • those who are interested in the design of haircuts for different textures;
  • masters who are seeking exclusive details of haircuts for curly hair, based on the wishes of the client;
  • stylists who are want to realize their creative ideas;
  • experts who have begun their teaching careers.

It is recommended to practice hairdressing on mannequins. Practicing on models is acceptable for advanced hairdressers who have already reached the degree of professionalism.

With the course "ALL ABOUT CURLY HAIR" you will:

  • improve your skills of working with curls;
  • expand your arsenal of techniques for wavy and curly hair in salon practice;
  • learn the basic principles of processing to emphasize texture;
  • understand what are the disconnected zones in haircuts on curly hair;
  • learn how to create textures and manage volume with disconnection;
  • see effective ways to combine classic shapes for beautiful modern haircuts with curls.

Mastering the skill of a hairdresser has no limits. However, this course is worth its price 100%. Because it will help you to improve your skills and become a more marketable specialist.

Course details

  • Total lessons: 5
  • Course duration: 0:52:00