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You buy a subscription to this course for limited period of time, you can watch it only on the website using an internet connection. Each lesson lasts from 10 to 20 minutes, professionally voiced, and as informative as possible!

Diplomas of completing my courses are issued only after studying offline. After completing the online course the diplomas or certificates will not be provided, because I do not see the point)

Please read all the information on the site carefully. Read the course information and take a look at trailers. To dispel your doubts and you have a chance to see how the course looks, I created for you a video "ABC of the hairdresser", which is part of the course "BASIC", this lesson is created and entirely based on the "BASIC" video course.


After purchasing a course, you cannot return it!


Why? This course is my intellectual property. Any copying and distribution are illegal actions!

Thank you