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September 2024
  • Author's Training: 3 days of DEMO + PRACTICE
    Odessa, Ukraine

    Contact for application
    +380 (93) 806 64 20

    09 - 11 September 2024

    3 days, from 10:00 till 17:00

  • Author's Training: 1 day of DEMO + lecture
    Odessa, Ukraine

    Contact for application
    +380 (93) 806 64 20

    09 September 2024

    1 day, from 10:00 till 17:00

More information
More information

Seeing beauty in everything and making people beautiful is true art. And it belongs to true professionals, who can be called creators of human happiness.

A real professional hairdresser must have not only talent but also the knowledge to help implement him. This is a creative approach to any task, the ability to implement the wishes of the client, to execute the order creatively. Only a real pro can handle any situation and solve problems effectively.

The path of a true professional in the hairdressing industry is long and difficult. Only years of practice, mistakes, experimentation, hard work, and knowledge building can make a hairdresser a true master of his profession.

Improving hairdressing skills

The beauty industry does not stay static. It is impossible to keep track of all trends by yourself. That's why constant training helps you to stay "on the wave", to improve yourself, and to discover new things. At our seminars, you can not only polish your skills but also be trained for the latest practices of haircuts and hairstyles. The author's methods will help you find your inspiration again, find the reserves that will make you a true creator of beauty.

What will you find at the seminars?

Creative motivation and a good mood are guaranteed if you sign up for Maksim Nikitochkin's author’s seminars. Their uniqueness and high professional value lie not only in expert knowledge but also in the ability to think outside the box and find the best tactics for working with clients and staying on-trend.

Beginner masters will have the opportunity to correct mistakes in their work, to gain skills in hairdressing, to get the latest knowledge. The structure of training events and masterclasses is designed to give the maximum knowledge from a talented teacher, expert, and salon stylist and give an impulse for development.

A variety of seminar topics will allow you to choose the optimal training program, which will certainly tell you something new about modern hairdressing practices, about the geometry of haircuts, combination of shapes, work with curly hair, will give the necessary knowledge about male and female haircuts, will teach basic techniques and modeling. We are continuously improving, trying to give you as much knowledge as possible on current trends in the beauty world.

Why should you be trained by us?

The training tactics are built in such way that helps you quickly learn the materials and practices which are just coming into the trend and will soon become promising areas/directions. This will allow you to get a new level of expertise, avoid competition, and remain at a high level of professionalism, expanding your knowledge and clientele.

The prices of our events are more than affordable. Our website has a list of courses with different topics, the cost of training programs, and examples of master classes. You can sign up for Maksim Nikitochkin's seminars through the organizers in the cities where they are held.