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Course Description

In today's world, the work of a hairdresser turns into real art. A professional stylist doesn't just do hairstyles but picks up an individual image for a person. The famous fashion stylist Maksim Nikitochkin in his training courses Basic and Disconnection reveals the secrets of the profession and the author's approach to haircuts for a fair price.

BASIC is a fundamental course for hairdressers

The Basic Course is the basis of the hairdresser-stylist profession. Alpha and omega in the hairdresser's work are 9 key shapes, which are the construction of the complete client's image. While studying the material, students will learn how to quickly, without fuss and unnecessary actions, create classic hairstyles. Having learned these shapes at a sufficient level of professionalism, the master will be able to make absolutely any haircut, just using their combinations.

How long the course lasts, and the content of it

The training course includes 9 lessons in two languages, 10-20 minutes each.

Course objective:

  • master the basics - that includes 3 fundamental shapes (circle, square, triangle);
  • learn how to see and understand the creation of dynamics and silhouettes on the hair of different lengths;
  • get skills in the main haircutting techniques (line, graduation, layers).

Lesson 10, "The ABCs of Hairdressing" is included as a bonus. It contains useful information for every hairdresser: professional terminology and special concepts used by stylists around the world.

Who will find this course useful?

Training is recommended for any hairdresser who is familiar with haircuts and wants to improve his or her skills in basic shapes:

  • masters with experience, working with the "old school" techniques;
  • newcomers to the profession, who have just received fresh knowledge offline.

It is better to practice consistently on mannequins. However, if you are confident in your skills you can practice on models. For people with no educational background as a hairdresser at all, the course is not suitable. Despite the trend of online learning, to become a true master-professional, you need to work on the haircut step by step, carefully copying the actions of the teacher. This approach will help avoid a lot of missteps on the client's head that are inevitable at the beginning of the journey.

Basic knowledge gained from the course

What the student will learn:

  • create popular shapes of haircuts;
  • combinations of classics;
  • create new haircuts, according to the individuality of the client (head shape, facial proportions);
  • zoning the hair space, which saves time;
  • work in the correct position of the body and hands for a clean technique and your comfort;
  • make partings, redirections, and degrees of pull-offs;
  • distinguish between techniques and shapes of haircuts;
  • understand when looking at a haircut what technique and shape has been involved;
  • distinguish how technique affects the hair;
  • learn about strand tensioning;
  • finalize haircut shapes without thinning shears or volume loss;
  • vary borders and contours of the haircut (soft and dynamic, precise and expressive).

This hairdressing course is worth it to pay a fair price for the training and become a popular and creative master!

Course details

  • Total lessons: 9
  • Course duration: 2:30:00