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Course Description

Modern trends force hairdressers to look for new directions, techniques, and shapes of haircuts. After completing the basic course for a low price with the sought-after stylist Maksim Nikitochkin, you can continue to improve your skills with the Disconnection course.

Disconnection is a training course to improve the skills of pro hairdressers

Disconnection is a unique tool for creating fashionable haircuts. Today's world is dynamic, with fashion and beauty trends changing rapidly. And this tool allows hairdressers to easily adapt to the needs of their clients, making it possible for them to remain in demand at all times. Disconnection is the presence of one or more zones in a hairstyle with strands that have a sharp geometry in length, without connecting to each other. The main objective of this technique is volume transfer. So new textures are to be created, modernizing styles that are no longer popular.

Features of the material study, duration

The training consists of 6 haircuts to practice and a lecture, as a study of theory. The program of lessons and lecture include:

  • combining classical shapes from the basic course;
  • the author's disconnection technique.

Each lesson contains a combination of different shapes of geometry: circle, triangle, and square. To create haircuts with disconnection, a hairdresser must have an excellent mastery of technique and an understanding of geometric shapes. These skills need to be practiced to a level of mastery. That's why learning this tool in the course is a priority.

Course target audience

The basic requirement for training is a Basic course under your belt.

The material will be useful for those who:

  • wants to expand his/her range of haircuts;
  • likes to surprise the client and develop in the profession;
  • prefers different textures, not just straight hair;
  • is interested in the design and details of hairstyles;
  • wishes to create a unique image of the client with individual details, according to his request;
  • seeks to logically understand the harmony of the combination of fundamental shapes and haircut techniques;
  • wants to realize his/her creative ideas, design, and fantasy in work.

It is recommended to practice hairdressing on mannequins. If you reach a high level of professionalism, you can be allowed to work on models.

Knowledge from completed training

What the student learns:

  • features of the disconnected zones;
  • their use for salon hairstyles;
  • the goal of disconnection;
  • what disconnection affects as a tool;
  • how disconnection transfers volumes and creates textures;
  • the nuances of combining classic shapes to create current fashionable haircuts.

The value of the knowledge and practical skills gained justifies the price of the training. Thanks to this course, the hairdresser becomes a real creative specialist, a popular master-stylist who can't be booked easily.

Course details

  • Total lessons: 7
  • Course duration: 1:20:00