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Mara by Nikitochkin is part of the biggest network of beauty salons in the south of Ukraine - the Maramax group.

Maksim Nikitochkin became the first partner among the masters of the company.

Hello! My name is Maksim Nikitochkin. As a teenager, I realized that I want to cut hair. My relatives initially reacted to this with irony. My first job was in a hairdressing salon with a friend of my mother.

16 years have passed since then and to this day I still make haircuts. I developed my system of working with the clients’ characteristics of appearance. Since 2009, I have been inspiring and educating hairdressers around the world through my YouTube channel.

I combine work with clients in the salon with lectures, trainings, and master classes around the world.

At my seminars, I train hairdressers to work with the client’s appearance and their requests, therefore, practice in the salon and personal communication with each client is very important to me!

A salon is a space where every stylist shares Maxim's principles and approach to the author’s vision of haircuts, dyeing, coloring, and style through the search of the individuality of each client.

Maksim personally trains his team members and hones their technique of haircuts.

Salon workers constantly trained by the best specialists with attention to the latest trends in dyeing, haircuts, styling, and new products in hair care.


The salon team regularly participates in creating looks and styles for music videos of domestic and foreign artists.


18 Bunina street,
65026 Odesa, Ukraine

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