• Brand
  • Height
    30 СМ
  • Width
    20 СМ
  • Material


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It's time to present my new merchandise. I've created it creatively, and I want you to be able to customize it to your own style.

Merch will only be sold as a package (you can't buy some individual items)

1. White oversize t-shirt in two sizes: male or female. You can see in the photo how it looks on models with different heights.

2. Special highlighter for fabric that won't wash out or spill. You can sketch your favorite haircut scheme, haircut silhouettes or hairstyles on a t-shirt.

3. Light kimono-peignoir for your clients.

4. Hair cutting collar Y.S.Park. It perfectly looks with the peignoir and the client won't get any hair under the scruff.

5. Temporary tattoo and sticker with my logo. To apply this tattoo just splash water on it.