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You should never give up on your dreams and goals, even if they seem absurd to everyone around you in your community. It is by keeping that most cherished dream in your mind that all stylists can get into more professionalism, with a practical basis and detailed theory. Today we want to introduce you to a stylist in the fashion industry - Maksim Nikitochkin.

Do you know about Maxim Nikitochkin's online broadcasts?

Fashion trends and creating your own hairdressing tendencies have become not just a job, but also a favorite hobby for the master. The team follows the principles of its own developed method of teaching hairdressers. This is work not only with haircuts, the client's appearance but also with their wishes in style.

Exactly this specific methodology of skill development and memorization can create from an ordinary hairdresser a master of his profession. Are you ready to change and change other people for the better with us?

Investing in hairdressing training

Often we postpone the start of our "new life" to Monday and successfully forget about the beauty and our plans for another week. Here are some good reasons to invest in an educational course to improve your hairdressing skills:

  • regardless of the difficulty of haircuts, hair structure, and the topic in general, the stream explains in simple language, understandable to everyone at an affordable price;
  • skills development is possible from anywhere in the world! This means that if you have signed up for training, you can continue to develop your professionalism both at home and when you travel;
  • to master the theory of the new techniques, you need what you already have: a computer and the Internet. Maksim Nikitochkin's seminars can be listened to and watched on the website even from a smartphone;
  • the cost of online training is much lower than the cost of an offline course. You save your money, energy, and can use it to improve your fashion mastery, develop your unique taste and style.

These advantages are enough to motivate you to obtain new knowledge, using Maksim's professionalism and his teaching techniques. Also, during the broadcasts, you can ask all your questions in an online mode!

The best hairdressing info-products from Maksim Nikitochkin

Today, the website offers courses for basic training and disconnection for those who continue their studies.
What you get in the basic course:

  • learn to mix and recognize techniques from each other;
  • learn about 9 basic shapes, which, once learned, will save your time from unnecessary actions in the creation of classic haircuts;
  • understand how to create dynamics and silhouettes at different hair lengths when using fundamental shapes;
  • learn how to divide hair into zones, for the plan of the upcoming work, which will reduce the time of work;
  • learn about methods of refining the shape without loss of accuracy;
  • understand how to make a haircut softer, make it lighter without thinning shears;
  • learn about the importance of correct body position when creating a particular shape.

In the "Disconnection" course you will learn:

  • about the many beauty trends and working with borders and endings of haircuts;
  • understand what disconnected zones are;
  • how to combine classic shapes and create modern, creative haircuts;
  • how to logically combine the fundamental shapes and techniques of haircuts;
  • how to create volume on different hair lengths using fundamental shapes;
  • individually match the details of the haircut to the needs of each client.
  • The website provides the cost and detailed notes of each of the techniques so that you don't miss anything important.