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How to choose the best hair dye - tips for hairdressers

Often a woman can take a long time to find the best hairdresser for her, and once she finds one - she cherishes him. Before signing up for a hair dyeing session, the client tries to observe from the side how the hairdresser works. My education section will help attendees to discover all the tricks of using different techniques.

How to find the best hair dye?

Each woman aims to become more beautiful, attractive, loved, and desired. In the pursuit of a new image, they do everything: from jewelry to new hairstyles. The new hair is not always characterized by a change of hair length. Often women radically change their color.

Modern hair dyes allow you to completely change your image:

  • turn a brunette into a blonde;
  • make hair a few shades lighter;
  • to remove annoying gray hair;
  • give freshness to the existing shade;
  • to create brightness and shine.

In order not to get a disappointed customer, you need to know how to deal with what manufacturers of hair dyes offer us. To hide gray hair, it is better to use compositions with chemistry. They are also used for a complete change of color. For color freshening, tinting tonics or balms are appropriate. For the first dyeing, it is better not to experiment and take a paint that differs from the natural by only a few tones. For the selection of color, you should contact a colorist in a beauty salon. A specialist based on the structure and type of hair will help to determine what kind of firmness and shade is needed to retain naturalness.

Ammonia-free hair dyes

Ammonia is one of the ingredients in coloring paint. Today manufacturers are offering ammonia-free dyes, which are safer for the hair and head skin. When it is used, the locks do not dry out, and their structure remains the same. These are the so-called gentle dyes. But they have a big disadvantage - they are less resistant. Stylists recommend ammonia-free compositions for those who want to refresh the haircut. The effect lasts only two weeks and it washes out with each head wash.

Dyes with ammonia

Such hair dyes include:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • ammonia.

When they are mixed and react with the air, deep coloring occurs. Ammonia dyes are great for dealing with gray hair, helping to turn dark colors into light and vice versa. To protect the hair from damage, various supplements are added to the composition. The usage of such products should be no more than once every two weeks. It all depends on how close the color is to the natural.

Hair coloring tricks

Once the necessary shade is selected from the palette, you can proceed directly to the painting. Let me focus on a few rules:

  1. The content of the product package contains all the necessary substances. There is no need to add any oils or shampoos under the motto of extra protection. The result can be unpredictable.
  2. If there is any residue left after the procedure, it must be recycled. The only fresh mixture should be applied to your hair.
  3. Always protect your hands with gloves.
  4. Immediately after a chemical perm, you must not dye your hair.
  5. You should not leave the composition longer than it is written in the instructions.
  6. For care, use special hair care products for dyed hair.
  7. To protect your facial skin, do not forget to apply oily face cream.

But these are only general recommendations. If you want to color gray hair, you need to pay attention to the special section in the manual. Gray hair is a very strong pigment and it can be difficult to handle. First of all, the paint is applied to the temples and roots.

Tips from the masters on hair coloring and nuances

Look change can be done by any woman. Leading masters recommend not to rush with the change of color if you have some scores or scratches on the scalp.

Among the products for care should be not only a special shampoo and balm but also a mask, which should be applied once a week. If you're not a fan of experimentation, then focus on the fact that:

  • if you have fair skin, reddish shades are for you;
  • caramel and chocolate shades suited to brown hair.

Do not be addicted to the black color. It can add a few years to a woman, and make a young girl too pale.