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How to choose a haircut for short hair

Luxurious hair with length to waist - always popular and remains desirable for more than half of mankind. However, many girls are ready for radical changes in their look - short haircuts are indispensable and becoming more popular. Also, they believe that short haircuts meet the issues of style and usability. The famous masters agree with them as well, because short variants are an endless source for creativity. At the Basic course from the famous stylist Maksim Nikitochkin, hairdressers with any level of skill will get knowledge about the main techniques in hairdressing.

A simple way to find out if a client would look good with shorter hair.

What hair length is considered by SHORT by the specialists?
Very short hair - 1-3 cm, as well as from 3 to 15-20 cm (strands that reach the lower third of the chin) - are also considered not long.

Whether it will be good looking for a person with short hair or not, is determined by the proportions of the person. The main factor is the length of the lower third of the face. John Frieda - the world-famous master, brought out the rule of 5.7 cm, which means fixing the length of the section from the tip of the ear to the chin.

To find this out, you will need an oblong object (pen, pencil) and a ruler. The object is placed horizontally under the client's chin, and the ruler is placed vertically, with zero near the earlobe. The data indicated on the ruler will answer the proportions. If its value is less than or close to 5-7 cm, the person will look attractive and with short curls. But again, if there are no "flaws" that you would like to hide.

Types of short haircuts

So the list of short haircuts as follows:

  • bob - the same length of hair slightly below the ear with bangs;
  • graduated bob - graduated haircut, where is a gradual narrowing of the silhouette to the bottom of the hair, in the shape of a bean;
  • pixie - haircut by layering, with short strands at the back and sides and long hair at the top;
  • bowl cut - a voluminous sport-style hairstyle with open or partially hidden ears;
  • asymmetrical haircut requires asymmetrical styling, as well as different lengths of strands on different sides of the head - with one shorter (the current trend - shaved side), on the other - more elongated;
  • boyish or garcon - a short haircut in a boyish style. A mass of hair with a tight fit to the surface of the head, trimmed at the back of the head, temples, and bangs;
  • Gavroche - hairstyle with sharp, much-torn strands of asymmetrical bangs and temples, elongated at nape;
  • pageboy - hair cutting very straight, with a length from the earlobes to the chin and straight, asymmetrical, or oblique bangs. In the classic version, the ends are slightly curled inward;
  • sessun - semicircular voluminous haircut with thick bangs of different types and elongated silhouette from the contours of the bangs to the back of the head.

There are factors according to which you can choose a hairstyle.

Key criteria for choosing a hairstyle

The stylist creates a look based on:

  1. The shape of the face
  2. Hair type
  3. Texture
  4. Hair color and coloring options
  5. The client's body build and height
  6. Age
  7. Style, Lifestyle and manner of living

The most important are the first three points.

Look, according to the shape of the face

Oval faces are suitable for any, even super short hairstyles. So this shape is the standard.

The round shape requires a various asymmetry, elongated hair at the face, voluminous crown, and sharp torn strands (graduated bob, caprice, garcon, Gavroche, long bob, pixie).

For a rectangular shape haircuts are preferable with rounded contours - a bob with bangs, bowl cut, sessun, graduated bob, pageboy. The square shape requires volume on the crown and its absence on the sides: garcon, Gavroche, pixie, bob with elongated strands.

Triangular shaped faces fit hairstyles that hide the ears, with strands at the chin, with oblique bangs. Trapezoidal shape - voluminous on top hairstyles: bowl cut, caprice, pixie. Diamond-shaped faces also need volume: caprice, garcon, bob.

Choosing a haircut based on the structure and type of hair

The master chooses:

  • for thin hair - Gavroche, bob, caprice, garcon, and their varieties;
  • for thick hair - all hairstyles with an even or ripped cut;
  • for unruly hair - chaotic caprice haircuts, garcon, Gavroche, mullet;
  • for frizzy or curly curls - all hairstyles are suitable, except for the pageboy and sessun.

By taking the training course Disconnection by Maksim Nikitochkin you can improve your skills and learn an effective method for creating unique modern haircuts with different hair lengths.