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The "Ombre" hair coloring: advantages and disadvantages

Hair coloring is the easiest way to completely change your appearance. And if you don't want a big changes, you can ask your stylist to do an ombre. The technique allows you to refresh your look, and is applicable to all lengths. At my hairdressing courses you can learn more about.

What is Ombre

In translation this word means shadow. It is not chosen randomly, because the idea of the technology is to slightly shade the base color. No matter if the color is natural or not. Several additional tones are applied to the hair. They can be close to the existing color or create a contrast. Ombre looks beautiful on both light and dark curls. Even for women with red hair, it is possible to choose beautiful coloring. The transition between tones should not break the naturalness. The hair after coloring looks more cared and the structure remains unchanged. Colorists often use this method, as it is more gentle to the follicles.

Varieties of technique

Ombre has several versions. It all depends on which coloring technique is used.

Depending on the number of tones used in coloring, a variety is as follows:

  1. Classic. Shades are chosen to remain the naturalness. The lines between them are not clear, they are sort of blurred. The goal is simply to refresh the style.
  2. Сhatouche. This is a two-tone coloring. Each tone has a clear edge. As usual contrasting colors are chosen.
  3. Blonding. The change is from dark to light. The roots are darkened as much as possible, while the ends can be highly brightened.
  4. Reverse. This method is the exact opposite of blonding. The area at the roots is highly lightened, while the bottom remains natural or dyed in darker shades.
  5. Colored. In this method, unnatural tones are taken: pink, blue, and purple. Most often, only two shades are taken.
  6. Flame. Looks good on brunettes. It looks like sloppy strokes with bright colors: red, gold or copper. Therefore it creates the effect of flame.

The coloring is made for any hair length: short, medium or long.

Hair dyeing Ombre for short and medium locks: the main points

For short and medium haircuts such as bob or page (pageboy), colorists also suggest ombre. It helps to give the image expressiveness. But there are a few nuances:

  • it should be started one centimeter below the roots;
  • the technique is chosen according to the situation: the length, the basic tone, and the wishes of the client;
  • the brightening is similar to the foil-free highlighting;
  • the volume is formed due to the softness of the color transition if the technology is respected.

The choice of hues for brunettes is much wider, from screamingly bright to pastel.

For whom is the ombre coloring well suited?

It is suitable for dark hair of medium length. The ombre technique allows for enhancing the face features and accentuating it. It looks great on a lengthened bob or asymmetrical haircut. The technology is good for lovers of naturalness and experimentation. The coloring expresses all the fashion trends.

Pros and cons of coloring in the style of Ombre

The advantages of this coloring are the following:

  • it is combined with naturalness, you do not need to re-dye everything to correct it;
  • economy, after the first dyeing, you can only brighten the ends or vice versa the edges;
  • the interval between visits to the salon increases up to six months;
  • hair can be any style: ponytail, curls, and just loose;
  • a smooth transition between neighboring tones gives additional volume to the hair.

The disadvantage of this method is that the strands have to be previously bleached, and only then dyed. Therefore, after the procedure, you need to pay special attention to hair care. Thus, the hair will look beautiful and natural.