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Facial oval analysis for further modeling of haircut

The right haircut will help to become even more attractive and hide minor flaws. It should be chosen according to the appearance, particularly the shape of the face. Even the most fashionable haircut, which is perfect for one person may not suit another. A professional master will model the haircut, taking into account the individual features of the appearance. The main shapes are oval, round, square, diamond-shaped. For each of these facial shapes, the master will be able to select the most suitable image. Nikitochkin's Basic hairdressing course will help beginners and experienced masters to create a unique and expressive image.

Recommended haircuts for a triangular face

The triangular face is characteristic of romantic and gentle people. Typical features of this type are a wide forehead, gradually narrowing face to the chin line. To pick up the length and density of the hairstyle does not need to visually bring the triangle to the oval. You just need to expand the chin area with the creation of the A-silhouette. Suitable are cascade, bob, graduated bob, trimmed strands with elongation on the sides. Asymmetrical parting and bangs will help to narrow the wide forehead. Avoid straight long and short bangs. It is important to follow the principle of layering, you can create curls from the face, but do not give them excessive volume. Soft large curls from the face, which start from the middle of the hair will be good.

Must be avoided:

  • voluminous strands on top;
  • straight strands at the cheekbone area;
  • haircuts that open up the ears;
  • flat curls in the cheekbone area.

Recommended haircuts for rectangular faces

The characteristics of this type of face are strong cheekbones, chin, and wide forehead. The ideal way to hide a wide forehead is to make bangs. It will visually make the face less elongated. Also, bangs will add volume to your hair. The angularity of the lower part will help to hide the soft strands falling to the jaw area. You can use cascades and asymmetrical haircuts on both short and long hair. The most successful length is medium. A graduated ladder fits for long hair, and visually removes the heaviness from the cheekbones. Creating a hairstyle, you can leave a few curved strands on the sides to smooth out the angularity.

Must be avoided:

  • hair styling to the side from the face;
  • vertical volume in haircuts;
  • flat, graphic haircuts.

Recommended haircuts for round faces

In this situation, it all depends on the density and thickness of the hair. For thin hair, it is best to choose long haircuts, and short haircuts are better for thick hair. A round face is harmoniously combined with long waves and soft curls. For medium and short lengths a successful option would be bob-cut, styled bangs to the side, or flat trimmed bangs. Customers with a short length will perfectly wear the side parting, haircut "Aurora", "high pixie" with asymmetrical bangs. It is recommended to choose variants that hide the ear area. Learn how to combine classic shapes and create modern haircuts on the training course Disconnection from Nikitochkin.

Recommended haircuts for diamond-shaped faces

This face shape is notable for its pointed chin, narrow forehead, expressive cheekbones, and blurred hairline. On a short length, oblique bangs and a side parting will look winning. This will focus attention on the eyes. For the medium-length will be good a long haircut with oblique bangs, covering the forehead. The soft waves of the cascade will give roundness to the lines. You can consider the option of coloring in more than just basic shades. As for the bangs, it is better to make them puffy and voluminous. With a diamond-shaped face perfectly fit oblique elongated bangs ending at the chin.