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Hairdresser-stylist: specifics of the profession and the necessary skills

Proper hair care, hairstyling, and individual styling require considerable professional knowledge and skills. In beauty salons, not only women but also men use the services of a hairdresser stylist. The task of the specialist is to create a hairstyle or haircut for the client, as well as to choose an individual style. Today, a professional hair stylist not only gives recommendations on hair care but also performs therapeutic procedures and haircare treatments. You can learn how to master the tools and find out about the latest trends in the fashion industry at the Nikitochkin's Basic hairdressing course.

About the specifics of the profession of a hairdresser-stylist

In the past, hairdressing was practiced only by men. Today it is a universal profession that is open to all genders and ages. The master must constantly move forward, improving his skills and abilities. The beauty industry does not standstill. To be in demand it is necessary to know the latest trends in hairstyles and styling, as well as listen to the wishes of the client. A hairdresser stylist should not only perform quality hair work but also help the client choose a style. The work requires knowledge about the structure of hair, the directions of its growth, the combination of different variants of haircuts and coloring. The specialist, using his talent and skills will be able to create a suitable image that most accurately reflects the character and mood of the client.

Important aspects of the profession:

  • for the correct use of new beauty products, it is important to be skilled in the use of hairdressing equipment;
  • for the safe procedure, the master must know the composition and properties of the cosmetics he or she uses;
  • personal qualities - an advantage will be sociability, the ability to hear and build rapport with people.

Skills of hairdresser-stylist

The specialist's toolbox of skills does not end with the ability to cut hair well and carry out the coloring procedure. Professionalism implies knowledge of fashion history, fashion trends that are popular today, the ability to choose the right look. Creative and imaginative thinking is the key to the success of any master. Good stylists can advise what hair color to choose, whether the chosen haircut suits the client, pick up cosmetics, and care for the hair, which is suitable for the scalp. A hairdresser stylist does not just perform what clients ask for but offers his vision of the final image.

Basic skills:

  • conducting therapeutic procedures for hair, affecting its structure by various means;
  • cutting hair using the instruments;
  • creating hairstyles and styling, including various braids;
  • basic coloring, dyeing, toning;
  • complicated hairstyles;
  • assistance in selecting the hair shape, hair length.

Exactly the stylist will be able to understand and choose the best version of the image for the client. He does not just do the coloring but combines several complex techniques to get the desired harmonious effect as a result. He is consulted when a customer wants to change an outdated style. You can learn how to create modern, creative haircuts on the Disconnection training course by Nikitochkin.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

The advantage of the profession is that you do not need to get a higher specialized education. Professional courses with a demonstration of practical lessons are the best option for growing the skills of a hairdresser. You can start a career as a stylist at any age and do not have to work for anyone. High demand, great prospects, good earnings - all this gets a good master. The disadvantages are the long stay on your feet and the risk of having a client who is not happy with the result. All this can be a source of stress.

Personal qualities required for the job

A creative way to the creation of an image, artistic taste, creativity, patience, communication skills, and high knowledge of the technical part of the work - these are the main personal qualities of a hairdresser stylist. There is also needed neatness, accuracy, desire to develop, and excellent health.