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Hot scissors haircut - what is it and why?

Frequently hairdressers hear complaints that after a few days hairstyle loses its shape and does not look the same as after the salon. But the problem lies not in the hair, but in the split ends. They can ruin the quality of your haircut. In our course "The ABCs of Hairdressing" pupils will understand how to cut hair with hot scissors. It allows you to cut the hair ends so that they won't split for a while.

What is the haircut with hot scissors?

Visually, the thermal cutting process is not much different from a normal one. The only difference is that the scissors are plugged into a socket. The design of the tool is such that there is a heating element inside the blades. Its heating can be controlled by a temperature controller. The temperature depends on the hair type. So for brunettes with a dense structure, the process takes place at a higher temperature. For blondes who have thin hair, lower numbers and a more accurate approach are applied. The popularity of this haircut is based on the fact that the hot parts of the scissors do not just cut the hair ends. A sealing process takes place, which stops the split for a while. The haircut continues to hold its shape, and the hair becomes thicker and shinier.

Several problems are solved with the hot scissors treatment:

  • shape retains its density and looks good for a long time;
  • it makes growing hair easier;
  • a person forgets about the split ends;
  • the head requires a minimum of care.

The technology helps create long-lasting hairstyles. The locks become more manageable for at least two weeks. This technique is often used by Hollywood stars.

Such a procedure is not recommended for those who:

  • can not or does not like regularly visiting the salon;
  • not ready to pay more for a regular haircut;
  • has a very thin hair structure;
  • uses a curler or iron to create a daily style;
  • want to get a transformation as quickly as possible.

Speaking of hot scissors, you need to understand that the first thing the master needs to watch out for is gentleness. A higher temperature can have a harmful effect on the structure of the hair.

The technology of haircutting with hot scissors

Creating an image by using hot scissors is different in terms of time. This should be considered when planning your schedule. The process is longer since you have to not only select and align the shape of the hairstyle but also to seal each strand. The procedure is divided into several stages. First, the basic haircut is made. Then the locks need to be well combed and divided into several zones. Each part is one by one twisted into a small wisp. The treatment should start from the back of the head. Then gradually the sides, temples, crown, and only at the end are the bangs. The wisp should be uniform and if one hair sticks out, it should be cut at once under heat. After that the bottom of each strand is cut, i.e. it is sealed. For the final styling, it is important to use products with the effects of thermal protection.

Hair care after the hot scissors haircut

To preserve the effect for a long time, it is necessary to provide proper care. It is not difficult, the important thing is to tell the client what treatments should be used. To consolidate the result is enough:

  1. Less frequent use of a hairdryer or curling iron. Heating makes the hair drier. If you can not refuse daily hot treatment, then provide strong thermal protection, which should be applied along the entire length.
  2. Moisturizing. The best way to deal with dryness is to constantly moisturize your strands.
  3. Beauty salon visits. If we have a short haircut, then we should do it at least once a month, if we grow - this period is increased by two or three times.

Regular use of hot tools helps to improve the condition of the ends of the hair.