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Best way to dye roots

Girls who prefer a full blonde, are bleached the entire length. Likewise do those who perform darkening. In any case, the coloring will be monochromatic. But sooner or later there is a problem with the grown roots. In my training courses, students can learn how to perform gentle dyeing and cause minimal damage to the hair. The master can always recommend simple ways to restore color without damaging the structure of locks. If you completely change the shade, you should understand that you will have to visit the salon at least once a month.

Dye roots of the hair - the essentials of the procedure

Grown roots always look not quite neat, no matter which color is the main color. Whatever the hairstyle, the flaw can't be hidden. There's no way to avoid dying the hair roots. Coloring the root zone is not a very troublesome matter. Also working with a professional, you will find that the procedure does not last long. The main task of the colorist is to choose the right tone of paint. The easiest thing is to remember what number of paint was used in the last treatment. Therefore, it is better to perform dyeing with the same stylist as before. The second way is to use balms or other products for temporary dyeing. They are more gentle to the hair and do not damage the structure.

What you need to dye the grown roots

If you already used dye, you don't need to do an allergy test. In other cases, do not neglect this precaution. The hairdresser should have all the necessary tools:

  1. A comb that allows you to perform separation into strands. With it, the hair is easily divided into separate sections. Dyeing becomes easier.
  2. Paintbrush. Its width allows you to apply the mixture evenly to the hair, as well as to distribute it over the entire length. It also can be used to mix the dye with the oxidizing agent.

Using these two tools, you can apply the paint and then spread it further with a comb. The colors are used in different formats. It is important to choose the tone that best matches the existing pigment. For toning or temporary dyeing, a tinting spray is used. This product is suitable if you are going somewhere and need to quickly correct your hair. For a quick disguise also suitable spray retoucher, which will smooth out the color before the first wash.

Dyeing grown roots to darker or brighter: safety measures

Dyeing dark and fair hair has different procedures. In any case, a few precautions will be needed to avoid scrubbing surfaces and face from the dye:

  • be sure to use a cape to protect your clothes;
  • apply fat face cream, it will simplify the procedure of removing the residual dye;
  • start dyeing at the roots;
  • then tone the entire length;
  • follow the product's instructions.

To achieve a long-lasting effect, use resistant products. Then the washout of color will be slower.

How to take care of colored hair?

To keep your hair shiny and healthy between colorings, you need to choose the right products. They should obligatory indicate that they are approved for colored hair. The complex should certainly include:

  • shampoo;
  • balm;
  • mask.

Additionally, you can use a variety of oils. The first couple of days after the dye application do not need to wash your hair. Then the pigment will become more resistant, and the hair will look natural. Care is required not only for the length but also for the hair follicles themselves. Do not forget to make masks of oil for the scalp. This will help to reinforce the hair and avoid brittleness.